Financial Support

Our Living Assistance Loan Program offers assistance with the following for transplant patients:

  • Prescription Medication Copay
  • Cost of Prescription Medication
  • Our Living Assistance Program offers assistance with the following housing needs for patients:
  • Temporary Lodging Assistance after Transplant
  • Assist Families to Meet Basic Housing Needs
  • Debt Assistance Due to Transplant
  • Financial Assistance to Help Pay Rent or Mortgage

Emotional Support

  • Support Pre- and Post- Transplant Patients, Families and Care Givers
  • Create and Foster Camaraderie Among Members
  • Hold Support Dinners and Gatherings where Patients can Share Accomplishments, Concerns and Questions with Fellow Transplant Candidates and Recipients
  • Educational Meetings and Seminars

To apply for our Living Assistance Loan please click here. For more information, please contact our office, 602-277-2661 or email us at