Our mission is to provide support to transplant recipients and caregivers. An effective way to do that is one-on-one peer support from someone who has lived the transplant journey.

Our intention is to copy the successful Mentor Program now in place at the Georgia Transplant Foundation in Georgia.  They serve over 7 transplant centers in their area.

”The Mentor Program provides one-to-one contact between people living successfully with a transplant and people who are new or adjusting to the world of transplantation. The Mentor Program has trained mentors (recipients, living donors, spouses, parents of pediatric recipients, and other family members) who have a desire to help support others through the transplant process. All organ groups, living donors, and each transplant center are represented in The Mentor Program.

Mentoring is a way to give back to the transplant community and share the joys of a second chance at life with someone who is waiting for a transplant, considering becoming a living donor or adjusting to life after transplant. Being a mentor can be just as beneficial as having a mentor.”

We are looking for mentors to fulfill that need in our community now!