Education Meeting Notes 

When: Last Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 5:00 pm

Where: 24th Street Conference Center

Description: Education meetings are every other month and are open to all transplant patients, caregivers, family members, healthcare workers, social workers and living donors.  Speakers will be announced under the "Upcoming Events" section of our website.  Light refreshments provided. 

Contact:  Zoe Severyn 602-277-2661

June 24, 2017 - Notes from Dr. Cook

The New Life Society had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jennifer Cook at the June Education Meeting.  Dr. Jennifer Cook is the director of Advanced Heart Failure, Mechanical Circulatory Support and Transplantation at Sarver Heart Center, University of Arizona, Banner University Medical Center- Tucson.

Dr. Jennifer Cook has been with the University of Arizona Medical Center for two years this October.  She provided an opportunity for all to hear about the current status of heart transplants at UMC, new procedures that are taking place, and things to come in the transplant world in an open dialogue style.  Some of the interesting points she made include:

Heart Failure:

Over 1/2 million people are diagnosed with heart failure each year.  Between 10 -40 billion dollars are spent annually on heart failure.

University of Arizona’s Role in Transplantation:

The University of Arizona began performing heart transplants in 1979.  UMC has done 910 transplants, ten in the last nine months.

Heart Transplantation:

There is new hope for heart pumping thus giving more time and reducing/eliminating regional restrictions.


Highest Risk of rejection is within the first six months after transplant.   If rejection is caught early, the heart tissue usually can be returned to normal.

Annual Visits/Continued Care:

Catheterizations can now be done through the wrist.  After transplant, the hope is to get everyone off of prednisone by end of the 1st year.